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9 Startups that will shake up the Airport Industry in 2015

When we think about airport, we do not really think about creativity and innovation. Yet, behind the scenes some entrepreneurs have launched startups that will redefines what the airport experience is now. To celebrate their work, we decided to highlight 9 companies that will shake up the airport industry in 2015.

The pitch: Free airport parking by renting your car to fellow members.

Airside Mobile
The pitch: Skip the line at the airport for U.S. Customs & Immigration.

The pitch: For Uber and Lyft drivers. Forecasts when the airport will be busy.

The pitch: Enjoy bag free journeys to & from the airport

Airport BINGO
The pitch: A cynical ray of sunshine in your bleak, miserable travel experience

Just Landed
The pitch: Get notified when it’s time to leave for the airport.

The pitch: Buy and sell your airplane seat with fellow travelers

The pitch: Lyft for private planes

The pitch: Yelp & HotelTonight for Airport Lounges

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