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9 Funniest Airport Codes. We dare you to say number 3 out loud !


1 – Feel like a dancing queen ? Then go to ABA (Abakan Airport, Russia) and dance your socks off!

2 -Need some cash ? No problemo, it’s time for a trip to the ATM (Altamira Airport  in Brazil).


3 – If you’re on your way to Fukuoka International Airport (Japan), please check around for children before you say “I’m going to FUK !”.

Fuk Airport

4 – We all know flyers have to avoid using the b. word at all cost when traveling by plane. So we have to wonder how this rule works when the airport you fly to is known as TNT (Dade Collier Airport, Miami)



5 – Know your Good Guy Greg memes ? You will love East Texas Regional Airport (GGG)!

good guy greg airport


666 – Why did you get strip searched at the airport, why were you on the worst flight ever and why was your luggage lost ?  Maybe it’s because you were on the flight to HEL, Helsinki Airport (Finland)

FLight to HEL

7 – Have a death wish ? Then just buy a ticket to Arrachart Airport Madagascar, because if you board that plane, we garantee you are going to DIE !

Die Airport

8 – We feel this airport code should be given to Las Vegas. After all, this is the first place that comes to mind when your hear about SIN city. Yet, SIN was assigned to the less steamy Changi Airport in Singapore.


9 – Number 1 or number 2 ? Between PEE and POO, we could not decide which one was the funniest. So what’s your call between PEE – (Perm Airport) in Russia and POO (Pocos De Caldas Airport) in Brazil ?

pee poo airport


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